Date nite

What am I doing here? I still don’t know if I am posting where I should be. Fingers crossed- not like anyone is reading at the moment. i need to figure out how to get my  appropriate category notated. Time. patience. Urgh!

So I have a date tonight. I have 2 outfits selected, each a bit odd in their own way, but fitting for me. Going out with an older Gemini man. Ok now you may say ‘Who cares about a sign?’ Well I guess I sort of do. I think my karma is to figure out how to best get along with this airy sign because  they keep presenting themselves to me and I keep accepting them into my life. It’s always easy at first because they are good talkers, very chatty and funny. But then it’s only a matter of time before they show me their true glib, fickle selves. Oh I really shouldn’t be judgemental, I know. I’m sorry. I will keep an open mind tonight and look at this as entertainment (he is very funny) and let it all play out the way it should, in the moment. It’s all good really. It’s all in the experiences of life. This is what shapes us into the beings we are. So tonight I will be experiencing life with Gemini:-)!

Oh and I forgot to mention, I have a pimple. At the age of 50 and on a first date no less. Geezus!

I will update you tomorrow to let you know how it goes.

Until then…

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