Dear Diary:

This is how I feel. I am writing in my diary; the only major difference is that it’s sent out to the universe. I am beginning to love it and although it may seem that my verse is not all too exciting at the moment, you’ll see (if you stick around) that it will get better. Be patient but please stay. I want you to accompany me on my journey! I am just getting the hang of this and need to work out the kinks of my personal writing style and how I want to share with you. I KNOW that what I write in this forum and how we communicate back and forth will prove to be enlightening. I am here to share my wisdom, knowledge and vulnerability and with that, we will both learn and grow. OK, so that’s that.
Now about last nite…
So I had my date (this was a blind date thru the on-line method- website not to be named). Well I do have to say he looked like his picture which was a relief. And yes, he was chatty as usual which was no surprise. But sheesh, there was no censoring, no filter. Whatever inappropriate thought came into his mind he blurted out of his mouth. Hey at least I knew what he was thinking. He was just a little crude and shared way too much information about personal history in relationships and how we would be if we were in one together. Whoa dude! It’s OK to be quiet and just think those thoughts, really- no need to reveal them. Ok, so that was one thing. He also had no gentlemanly ways (although he did pay for everything which is a must for a 1st date); he walked through the doors first, didn’t even get out of the car when I was coming to meet him, no opening the car door even though he was right there. Come on, you’re 58- You should know better! And then there was the political debate. Now I do not like political ‘discussions’, I don’t think much gets resolved because the 2 parties in that heated argument are pretty much set in their political ways- either you’re left, right or center. Which was the case with us last nite (Details to remain nameless) and I was not agreeing with his point of view. I was annoyed which I’m pretty sure was exacerbated by his verbal diarrhea during the course of the evening – my patience was wearing thin and it was time to go home. Needless to say he wants to see me again and although I said yes, when he calls me (which he will- everyday if I allowed it; he has no boundaries) I will have to tell him that I don’t think we are well suited for each other, no details, just please accept it and let’s move on. Wish me luck. He is actually a very nice person, just not right for me. I look at these experiences as a way to get closer to what I DO want. Trial and error. It’s all good!
Until next time…

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