Hello 1 visitor:

Hi there everyone… Well it seems I had 1 , yes 1 visitor yesterday. That’s pretty exciting considering no one knows I exist yet. Well one person does.
I haven’t written in a few days. I got bogged down with ‘stuff’ and couldn’t focus on writing. I’m working on my website and I am very excited about it. Scared, nervous, excited! My new Domain name is holistichealingbydesign.com! I am working with a web designer who I like and I know will make me a beautiful site. Stay tuned.
I am still tweaking the verbiage, my services, etc and how I charge for them but that will work itself out soon enough. I was looking at other wellness sites just to see what’s out there and I have to say, although the practitioners sound impressive, their websites weren’t. I would think they would want something inviting and warm, zen like and calming. I didn’t really find that in my search. I guess I am more esthetically aware than the norm. I am sure that mine will convey my personal gestalt and will invite you in. You will see me soon enough!

More to come but for right now, I ‘m beat….

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