Going with the gut!

I am a gut instinctual person. Actually I think we all are, some of us just choose to either heed the intuitive advise and/or warning and in turn it leads us in the right or wrong direction. If we dismiss it as irrational where there is no logic or proof, then we may very well pay the price for our ‘rational’ behavior. I was thinking about this because I am working with a web designer. I found this person and his company thru a Google search (after looking at many sites) and I just got a good vibe from the site- let’s call him OS. I liked the layout and their portfolio and just the ‘feel’ of it. So I called the number. It rang and rang and no answer. I tried a few times but to no avail, still no answer. So I wrote them a message thru the site but didn’t hear back (Bear in mind, it was Monday morning and people are still adjusting to the day after the weekend so I figured they were just busy and would get back to me at some point soon). Meanwhile I opened up one of the sites in their portfolio which appealed to me (I had been looking at many sites in integrative health to see what was out there). I wanted to see who the web designers were for the sites I liked (noted at the bottom of the 1 page) and in my quest for the ideal amalgam of all of the sites I had seen, I forgot I had opened up the one from OS. So I look at the bottom of that 1st page and I see a designer I will call AD. AD’s site was identical to OS’s site with just minor differences. I thought this was odd (I still didn’t make that connection that it came from the same site). So I called that number which was a different and out of state number and OS answered. Bizarre! OK so he solved the mystery- they are the same company but just hadn’t integrated the sites into one. He had gotten my message and was meaning to get back to me but yes, monday was crazy.
So OS and I spoke- I liked him. It was really that simple. We discussed scope, pricing (half paid now and half paid at launch) , timeline, etc and I agreed to work with him. The check was in the mail that day and I got started on my content etc. as per our discussion. Only until yesterday did I realize I had no documentation on our transaction. He could have taken my money and disappeared (bear in mind we had been in communication almost everyday with back and forth info and he even helped walk me thru getting my domain name set up). But still, I sort of went into semi panic mode and lectured myself on being so trusting. Yet at the same time, I knew all was fine- I would just ask him for the invoice etc for his services which I did yesterday. This morning I got a nice note from him with the invoice along with his request for another day or 2 to send me the 1st draft. My gut is right and I even feel strongly that my site will be absolutely perfect for me – well maybe with a little tweaking:-)
So the moral of this story is ‘ go with your gut but still get documentation’!
When my site is launched, I will let you all know. I’m very very excited!!!

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