8 ways to sleep well!

I was interviewed by my NLP teacher about my sleeping strategy. I never really thought about it as a ‘strategy’; It just came naturally. I love sleep. I love getting into bed after a full day of activity where I  just allow my body to detox and recharge for about 7 hours. Sleep is so important to our health and well being- just think about how you feel when you’re deprived of it. Crankiness, frustration, short temper are all very good possibilities in store for you the next day not to mention lack of focus, creativity and weight gain. I personally need to feel in control and positive during the course of the day so I do what I must to get the job done. I need my sleep. Here’s my strategy:

  1. As soon as I get home (if I’m in for the night and not expecting company), I immediately get into my comfy clothes. For me, those are yoga pants, camisole with shelf bra and long cotton tee shirt- is that too much info? This gets me into relaxation mode.
  2. I wash my face (with my Arbonne products- all vegan, toxic free skin care). I feel clean, fresh and have begun the detox from the day.
  3. I prepare my coffee for the next day  so I don’t have to think about anything in the morning except pressing the ‘brew’ button. Doing this mundane routine clears my head.
  4. Establish when I need to get up and set my mind to getting into bed at the right time so that I have 7 hours of clock time.
  5. I have nice sheets. Freshly washed ones are the best but obviously the likelihood of having that everyday slim to none. But I do like cotton sheets, 400 thread count is good. You  don’t have to spend a lot of money on bedding- I get mine at Target and they are quite nice and work perfectly well.
  6. If I’m not THAT tired but know the witching hour is soon approaching, I will read in bed. I usually last about 15 minutes before my eyes close.
  7. If I don’t feel like reading, I will get under the covers, turn the lights out and think about the day or go to a future event (visualization) that makes me happy.
  8. I take 5 (or more if needed) deep breaths and appreciate the bed. I focus on my breath, not on the stress of the days events.

You can do any and all of these things to help you sleep. Embrace it, enjoy it and good night!

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