Fur wearers and their pets- I don’t get it!

I’m confused. I see loving pet owners walking their dogs, petting them, chatting with them in doggie speak, giving them their treats for being good yet all the while, wearing fur. Fur collars, full on coats or fur hats. Is it that they make no connection to their pets being live, loving, feeling creatures and the fur they are wearing once came from MANY animals- all being live, loving, feeling creatures? They care so much for their pets (well, hopefully they do) and I’m sure if they saw how those animals are killed for their fashion statement, they might reconsider their purchase (just a few notes on that-  the animals are skinned alive, trapped in a steel vice and chew their legs off just to escape, starve to death, and the worst yet is Beaver- they are trapped under water in that same steel trap and drown in agony). It breaks my heart to see fur; it’s so gratuitous, especially fur collars and trims. Is there a purpose other than indulging in something pretty? If there is I don’t see it. It’s think it’s actually rather vulgar. Selfish. Thoughtless.

All I ask is that people be more aware of the implications of their actions. To think of others before themselves and their wants and desires. It’s an adjustment but it’s not difficult. Just try.

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