What lies ahead in 2010 and beyond…?

Well it’s almost another year gone by. It’s really hard to believe how fast it goes. My birthday is soon approaching as well so I guess that makes me yet another year older- the actual year will remain nameless thank you!
It’s funny how we make our new year resolutions; we are always so ready to be done with the old and in with the new year which we think holds so much promise. Especially this year. 2009 was pretty tough. There were many lessons we learned, well let’s hope we did. I know I did and I will continue learning and growing in 2010.
On December 31st of every year going back many years, I sit down to write in my journal. There I reflect on the years’ joys and pains and make some attainable goals for the new year. And not just goals, but I also ask the universe for assistance in my achieving them. Obviously I have to do the work and I’m excited to do so, but the universe in its divine wisdom and guidance is readily available to help. I am always open to what happens because I do believe it all happens for a reason regardless whether or not I know what that is. Actually one of my goals for the year is to start each morning asking the universe to guide me throughout the day and if there is something in particular I need or want, I will get more specific. I have a list of 10 others which I know will challenge me and in turn support my life goals. Just thinking about it gets me excited and nervous (in a good way).
I have learned that being open and letting go of the ‘not knowing’ what the future holds (because how much do we really know anyway) allows me to be more in the moment and appreciate what I have now. So as I blog this to you, I am here, now, not thinking about the past or the future. Even as I plan the future by stating my goals, I am here now doing so (BTW, I’m reading The Power of Now so obviously it has influenced me in this blog).
So as I get ready to close up shop for now, I ask all of you to be present in your life and to allow events to come in and go out knowing that it’s all good!
I wish everyone a wonderful 2010 and may all of your dreams be realized.

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