Setting an intention

For me, one of the 1st things on my to-do list when I want to achieve a goal is to craft an intention. This is always a challenge for me and I can mull over my ideas for quite some time. It’s scary to put it down on paper, virtual or otherwise, because then it becomes real and I have to take it (and myself) seriously; is this is really what I want? By crafting the words, and re-crafting it as needed, it becomes my own and not so daunting.

The basic ingredients to an intention are as follows:

It should be inspiring yet realistic.

It must be stated in the positive; always what you DO want, NOT what you don’t.

The goal should be quantified, i.e.: set a reasonable timeline whether it is monetary, clients acquired by a certain date, etc.

Also know that the intention can always be massaged as you get more into the process and what has been achieved. I always give myself a little wiggle room as the outcome evolves. If what I have quantified doesn’t pan out EXACTLY as I had intended or perhaps my goal changes, that’s OK. It’s an INTENTION so allow surprises to happen. The universe has a funny way of putting things in our path to expand our consciousness and lead us to what is right.

I also put ‘co-creation with the universe; that it is abundant and my desires come to me easily and effortlessly’ into my intention. This sends a message out to the universe that I trust it will be there for me.

Now here’s the tricky part- Do your best to let go of the exact outcome and focus on the journey and the day-to-day progress. Nothing happens overnight so putting undue pressure on yourself to get exactly what you want can sabotage your efforts.

So how do I know what is a realistic goal? I don’t. I tend to underestimate what can be done in a particular period of time so then I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come to pass exactly as I had hoped. I still pose it as a challenge but a more realistic one; baby steps -like skiing on the bunny hill for the first time out. And as I said, I massage it as I go along, upping the ante. And of course, always having faith in the universe, even if you may see no evidence of its support.

Thanks all and happy crafting!