This one is short. I have some new talents and I have a new name- Holistic Healing By Design is now Health By Hypnosis. Stay tuned for my new website launch and more blogs about life and love.

Setting an intention

For me, one of the 1st things on my to-do list when I want to achieve a goal is to craft an intention. This is always a challenge for me and I can mull over my ideas for quite some time. It’s scary to put it down on paper, virtual or otherwise, because then it becomes real and I have to take it (and myself) seriously; is this is really what I want? By crafting the words, and re-crafting it as needed, it becomes my own and not so daunting.

The basic ingredients to an intention are as follows:

It should be inspiring yet realistic.

It must be stated in the positive; always what you DO want, NOT what you don’t.

The goal should be quantified, i.e.: set a reasonable timeline whether it is monetary, clients acquired by a certain date, etc.

Also know that the intention can always be massaged as you get more into the process and what has been achieved. I always give myself a little wiggle room as the outcome evolves. If what I have quantified doesn’t pan out EXACTLY as I had intended or perhaps my goal changes, that’s OK. It’s an INTENTION so allow surprises to happen. The universe has a funny way of putting things in our path to expand our consciousness and lead us to what is right.

I also put ‘co-creation with the universe; that it is abundant and my desires come to me easily and effortlessly’ into my intention. This sends a message out to the universe that I trust it will be there for me.

Now here’s the tricky part- Do your best to let go of the exact outcome and focus on the journey and the day-to-day progress. Nothing happens overnight so putting undue pressure on yourself to get exactly what you want can sabotage your efforts.

So how do I know what is a realistic goal? I don’t. I tend to underestimate what can be done in a particular period of time so then I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come to pass exactly as I had hoped. I still pose it as a challenge but a more realistic one; baby steps -like skiing on the bunny hill for the first time out. And as I said, I massage it as I go along, upping the ante. And of course, always having faith in the universe, even if you may see no evidence of its support.

Thanks all and happy crafting!

Connecting to the universe

Where do I start? It’s been what seems like a lifetime since I last plugged away, allowing me to really express myself. How vulnerable am I willing to be right now? I think I need to be fairly vulnerable. But it’s quite scary; hence that’s why it’s been so long.
I like to think I have it all together. I don’t. Far from it but I do put on a good show.
At the moment, I’m conflicted. There is a big part of me that has faith in the universe co-conspiring to create my life; that all good things will happen to me. Even if I have to wait in order to test that faith. And then I wait and my faith is tested. Is this really true? Is the universe really abundant and all I need to do is focus, feel the energy and have faith? Where is the proof that my amazing life is manifesting?

I have had all types of experiences in my 55 years on this planet; some not that great and some pretty tough life lessons. Even those lessons (losing jobs, really bad boyfriend-that’s another story, and more I can’t mention at the moment). All of these and many others have taught me lessons, and strangely, in an intangible, intuitive way I knew I would have them.

So at the moment, I feel aimless. Job-related, my life-purpose kind of aimless. I quit my job of 8 years in May 2013 to take a consulting job, which unfortunately ended a year later. This was a great gig and I loved it and now I want to work again. But I’m not sure what I want so how do I get that in my state of confusion? It seems the universe will keep throwing things my way to confuse me even more so that I will get clarity. And now as I am writing this blog, I’m wondering and thinking more that this is the case, that the universe kicked me yet again on my ass so that I can focus on what I really love, something that will take me into the future (there is so much ageism running rampant, who will hire me when I’m 60?). My hypnosis practice is calling me and the universe is patiently telling me ‘Janet, stop this nonsense and get serious about your future. Start really making a difference in peoples lives’. http://www.holistichealingbydesign.com.
This is what I love to do. Wow, somehow I am not so conflicted. Writing helps put this in perspective.

Ok, now what? Well, this blog is the first step to creating my new reality. Next is to set my intention (I’ll put that in another post because I have to really think about that one) and then take it from there; figure out practical ways in which to get my business off the ground. Now I’m excited, now I’m ready to move forward.

I have faith in the universe. It is abundant and wants the best for me. I feel its energy and we are connected. Regardless of what happens in my life, it’s all good.
See you soon….

Tips for Universe requests

This is a morning blog and I will soon practice what I preach when I’m done writing. I have something to ask the universe; something I want but not in such a fixed way so as to limit what comes back to me. So I will ask in a way that doesn’t restrict me and gives the universe some ways to offer up options to me- to weigh and be open to that which is presented to me. It may not be what I was thinking I would get, but I will still find it beneficial and appropriate to my request in some way.

So to those reading this blog, more than likely you already believe the universe does honor your requests.  But sometimes, we all need a little assurance and clarity as to how specifically to phrase what we want. Here are some tips on how to send the energy outward:

  • Keep a journal and write down your intention(s).
  • Always state in the positive- ask for what you DO want, not for what you don’t.
  • Be somewhat vague yet clear. For example, if you want a new job , state how you want this job to make you feel, how you want it to affect your lifestyle. Instead of stating a salary or quantifying something, instead say ‘I want money to flow into my life and I want to feel at ease saving and spending equally’.
  • Consider the outcome and then let go. Then have your actions align with your intention.
  • Envisioning- Take 10 minutes (or more) to allow how this newly realized intention will affect your life. How does it make you FEEL. Are you calm? Energized? Giddy? Whatever it is, allow yourself to feel it in your body.

We are co-creators  in our lives. Experiences don’t just happen to us, they happen through us. So go co-create…..

Deep trance

Ericksonian hypnosis is a very creative method of trance work with lots of metaphors and indirect suggestions. The unconscious is more receptive to this since it is creative as well and the conscious mind may have some resistance to being ‘Told’ what to do. And trance is nothing more than increased focus inward. We are in trance all the time; reading a book, staring out the window, on the highway not realizing how you got from one location to the other. It’s totally natural. The unconscious is always there to protect you in behind the scene ways. The conscious mind can only balance and focus on no more than 5-7 things at once. After that, it goes into sensory overload. There is still so much activity and stimulation around you, thousands of things that the unconscious filters out for you without your even realizing it. It stores it in the data bank for easy access at a later date, whenever you need it. Under hypnosis, you would never do anything you didn’t want to do. It is not about a loss of control- it is merely a way of tapping into that data bank without so much mental restriction and rational thought.

I was working with my client (I’ll call him ‘J’ ) the other nite and created a ‘ Hypnosis Sandwich’. I knew J was deep in trance during our session, but I had no idea how deep. Clearly he wasn’t asleep since he heard the end of our work as I instructed him gently to ‘come out feeling refreshed; his unconscious having heard all of my suggestions’. As he opened his eyes, looking at me with a crooked smile on his face, he was sunken in the chair, like a lead weight. He was happy as can be. As we discussed the work we did together, he told me he didn’t hear anything except the beginning and the end with no recollection of ANY thoughts in between. This was possibly the ‘No-body and no-mind state’ which I have experienced before- I didn’t exist for a few moments, had no thoughts and I was connected to everything and nothing simultaneously. It’s wild stuff and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. As much as I could get from him, it seemed he had been in a similar state. He was completely relaxed and content in our review of the work that I knew I had done a good job. The next morning, I had gotten an email from him stating 5 THANK YOU’s and that he slept so soundly (he was a bit insomniatic for the last 3 weeks) and had a sense of peace with none of the issues he was suffering from before we did our work. He didn’t know what his unconscious had heard but clearly it was totally receptive as it guided him throughout the day, feeling serene and happy. Have I said how much I love this work? It is fun, creative, and incredibly rewarding. The more people I can help with this modality, the happier I’ll be (along with them:-)).
I recommend it to everyone, to keep an open mind, be flexible, allow the conscious mind to take a much needed rest so you can tap into your creative power!
All the best health to everyone!