Setting an intention

For me, one of the 1st things on my to-do list when I want to achieve a goal is to craft an intention. This is always a challenge for me and I can mull over my ideas for quite some time. It’s scary to put it down on paper, virtual or otherwise, because then it becomes real and I have to take it (and myself) seriously; is this is really what I want? By crafting the words, and re-crafting it as needed, it becomes my own and not so daunting.

The basic ingredients to an intention are as follows:

It should be inspiring yet realistic.

It must be stated in the positive; always what you DO want, NOT what you don’t.

The goal should be quantified, i.e.: set a reasonable timeline whether it is monetary, clients acquired by a certain date, etc.

Also know that the intention can always be massaged as you get more into the process and what has been achieved. I always give myself a little wiggle room as the outcome evolves. If what I have quantified doesn’t pan out EXACTLY as I had intended or perhaps my goal changes, that’s OK. It’s an INTENTION so allow surprises to happen. The universe has a funny way of putting things in our path to expand our consciousness and lead us to what is right.

I also put ‘co-creation with the universe; that it is abundant and my desires come to me easily and effortlessly’ into my intention. This sends a message out to the universe that I trust it will be there for me.

Now here’s the tricky part- Do your best to let go of the exact outcome and focus on the journey and the day-to-day progress. Nothing happens overnight so putting undue pressure on yourself to get exactly what you want can sabotage your efforts.

So how do I know what is a realistic goal? I don’t. I tend to underestimate what can be done in a particular period of time so then I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come to pass exactly as I had hoped. I still pose it as a challenge but a more realistic one; baby steps -like skiing on the bunny hill for the first time out. And as I said, I massage it as I go along, upping the ante. And of course, always having faith in the universe, even if you may see no evidence of its support.

Thanks all and happy crafting!

Connecting to the universe

Where do I start? It’s been what seems like a lifetime since I last plugged away, allowing me to really express myself. How vulnerable am I willing to be right now? I think I need to be fairly vulnerable. But it’s quite scary; hence that’s why it’s been so long.
I like to think I have it all together. I don’t. Far from it but I do put on a good show.
At the moment, I’m conflicted. There is a big part of me that has faith in the universe co-conspiring to create my life; that all good things will happen to me. Even if I have to wait in order to test that faith. And then I wait and my faith is tested. Is this really true? Is the universe really abundant and all I need to do is focus, feel the energy and have faith? Where is the proof that my amazing life is manifesting?

I have had all types of experiences in my 55 years on this planet; some not that great and some pretty tough life lessons. Even those lessons (losing jobs, really bad boyfriend-that’s another story, and more I can’t mention at the moment). All of these and many others have taught me lessons, and strangely, in an intangible, intuitive way I knew I would have them.

So at the moment, I feel aimless. Job-related, my life-purpose kind of aimless. I quit my job of 8 years in May 2013 to take a consulting job, which unfortunately ended a year later. This was a great gig and I loved it and now I want to work again. But I’m not sure what I want so how do I get that in my state of confusion? It seems the universe will keep throwing things my way to confuse me even more so that I will get clarity. And now as I am writing this blog, I’m wondering and thinking more that this is the case, that the universe kicked me yet again on my ass so that I can focus on what I really love, something that will take me into the future (there is so much ageism running rampant, who will hire me when I’m 60?). My hypnosis practice is calling me and the universe is patiently telling me ‘Janet, stop this nonsense and get serious about your future. Start really making a difference in peoples lives’.
This is what I love to do. Wow, somehow I am not so conflicted. Writing helps put this in perspective.

Ok, now what? Well, this blog is the first step to creating my new reality. Next is to set my intention (I’ll put that in another post because I have to really think about that one) and then take it from there; figure out practical ways in which to get my business off the ground. Now I’m excited, now I’m ready to move forward.

I have faith in the universe. It is abundant and wants the best for me. I feel its energy and we are connected. Regardless of what happens in my life, it’s all good.
See you soon….

I have been remiss!

I’m so sorry. I have neglected my bog is quite some time and I feel terrible. Not that there are so many of you out there counting on me, I’m counting on myself and I haven’t followed through.
But here I am. I can’t promise anything too exciting but here I am anyway.

Who here is always in soul searching mode? If you are like me, you may find it sometimes a blessing and a curse. For me, it’s a blessing because it helps me grow as a person. To grow, evolve, conquer my fears, expand my horizons, be a better person to myself and others- it’s all part of the process. It’s not easy as you may know but it’s inherently part of me. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember, journaling, reading ‘self-help’ books and mags, taking various programs to find the inner me, and looking in the metaphorical mirror. I can’t say I’m always happy about what I see; I am a work in progress as are we all. Sometimes I’d rather just put my rosy glasses on, bleach my hair blonde (no offense to all you deep blondes out there) and bounce through life; ignorance is bliss. But alas, this is me. I can’t help it and most of the time, I’m happy about my deep reflection (don’t get me wrong, I’m not all that serious, I do believe in having fun while I get serious). But then there are the cursed moments- my head exhausts and overwhelms me- there is just TOO much to do, too much to learn, and too many issues to fix. Not to mention too many world problems to face. I’m plumb tuckered out. I want to put my head in the sand and forget it all. And occasionally I do- sometimes my TV doesn’t get turned on for a few days, no papers are read, the phone barely rings. This is my downtime from my life.

I’m in transition. The past is done and the future is unknown. All I know is right now. Maybe that’s not transition but instead my present state of living. Letting go of all that control, control that is really non-existent, is liberating. The not knowing is always there, it’s just our choice to accept or fight it. It’s still there so why fight it? I’m accepting it.

So back to my self reflection. I accept that too as who I am. Why fight that either?

8 ways to sleep well!

I was interviewed by my NLP teacher about my sleeping strategy. I never really thought about it as a ‘strategy’; It just came naturally. I love sleep. I love getting into bed after a full day of activity where I  just allow my body to detox and recharge for about 7 hours. Sleep is so important to our health and well being- just think about how you feel when you’re deprived of it. Crankiness, frustration, short temper are all very good possibilities in store for you the next day not to mention lack of focus, creativity and weight gain. I personally need to feel in control and positive during the course of the day so I do what I must to get the job done. I need my sleep. Here’s my strategy:

  1. As soon as I get home (if I’m in for the night and not expecting company), I immediately get into my comfy clothes. For me, those are yoga pants, camisole with shelf bra and long cotton tee shirt- is that too much info? This gets me into relaxation mode.
  2. I wash my face (with my Arbonne products- all vegan, toxic free skin care). I feel clean, fresh and have begun the detox from the day.
  3. I prepare my coffee for the next day  so I don’t have to think about anything in the morning except pressing the ‘brew’ button. Doing this mundane routine clears my head.
  4. Establish when I need to get up and set my mind to getting into bed at the right time so that I have 7 hours of clock time.
  5. I have nice sheets. Freshly washed ones are the best but obviously the likelihood of having that everyday slim to none. But I do like cotton sheets, 400 thread count is good. You  don’t have to spend a lot of money on bedding- I get mine at Target and they are quite nice and work perfectly well.
  6. If I’m not THAT tired but know the witching hour is soon approaching, I will read in bed. I usually last about 15 minutes before my eyes close.
  7. If I don’t feel like reading, I will get under the covers, turn the lights out and think about the day or go to a future event (visualization) that makes me happy.
  8. I take 5 (or more if needed) deep breaths and appreciate the bed. I focus on my breath, not on the stress of the days events.

You can do any and all of these things to help you sleep. Embrace it, enjoy it and good night!

Hello 1 visitor:

Hi there everyone… Well it seems I had 1 , yes 1 visitor yesterday. That’s pretty exciting considering no one knows I exist yet. Well one person does.
I haven’t written in a few days. I got bogged down with ‘stuff’ and couldn’t focus on writing. I’m working on my website and I am very excited about it. Scared, nervous, excited! My new Domain name is! I am working with a web designer who I like and I know will make me a beautiful site. Stay tuned.
I am still tweaking the verbiage, my services, etc and how I charge for them but that will work itself out soon enough. I was looking at other wellness sites just to see what’s out there and I have to say, although the practitioners sound impressive, their websites weren’t. I would think they would want something inviting and warm, zen like and calming. I didn’t really find that in my search. I guess I am more esthetically aware than the norm. I am sure that mine will convey my personal gestalt and will invite you in. You will see me soon enough!

More to come but for right now, I ‘m beat….

Dear Diary:

This is how I feel. I am writing in my diary; the only major difference is that it’s sent out to the universe. I am beginning to love it and although it may seem that my verse is not all too exciting at the moment, you’ll see (if you stick around) that it will get better. Be patient but please stay. I want you to accompany me on my journey! I am just getting the hang of this and need to work out the kinks of my personal writing style and how I want to share with you. I KNOW that what I write in this forum and how we communicate back and forth will prove to be enlightening. I am here to share my wisdom, knowledge and vulnerability and with that, we will both learn and grow. OK, so that’s that.
Now about last nite…
So I had my date (this was a blind date thru the on-line method- website not to be named). Well I do have to say he looked like his picture which was a relief. And yes, he was chatty as usual which was no surprise. But sheesh, there was no censoring, no filter. Whatever inappropriate thought came into his mind he blurted out of his mouth. Hey at least I knew what he was thinking. He was just a little crude and shared way too much information about personal history in relationships and how we would be if we were in one together. Whoa dude! It’s OK to be quiet and just think those thoughts, really- no need to reveal them. Ok, so that was one thing. He also had no gentlemanly ways (although he did pay for everything which is a must for a 1st date); he walked through the doors first, didn’t even get out of the car when I was coming to meet him, no opening the car door even though he was right there. Come on, you’re 58- You should know better! And then there was the political debate. Now I do not like political ‘discussions’, I don’t think much gets resolved because the 2 parties in that heated argument are pretty much set in their political ways- either you’re left, right or center. Which was the case with us last nite (Details to remain nameless) and I was not agreeing with his point of view. I was annoyed which I’m pretty sure was exacerbated by his verbal diarrhea during the course of the evening – my patience was wearing thin and it was time to go home. Needless to say he wants to see me again and although I said yes, when he calls me (which he will- everyday if I allowed it; he has no boundaries) I will have to tell him that I don’t think we are well suited for each other, no details, just please accept it and let’s move on. Wish me luck. He is actually a very nice person, just not right for me. I look at these experiences as a way to get closer to what I DO want. Trial and error. It’s all good!
Until next time…