Tips for Universe requests

This is a morning blog and I will soon practice what I preach when I’m done writing. I have something to ask the universe; something I want but not in such a fixed way so as to limit what comes back to me. So I will ask in a way that doesn’t restrict me and gives the universe some ways to offer up options to me- to weigh and be open to that which is presented to me. It may not be what I was thinking I would get, but I will still find it beneficial and appropriate to my request in some way.

So to those reading this blog, more than likely you already believe the universe does honor your requests.  But sometimes, we all need a little assurance and clarity as to how specifically to phrase what we want. Here are some tips on how to send the energy outward:

  • Keep a journal and write down your intention(s).
  • Always state in the positive- ask for what you DO want, not for what you don’t.
  • Be somewhat vague yet clear. For example, if you want a new job , state how you want this job to make you feel, how you want it to affect your lifestyle. Instead of stating a salary or quantifying something, instead say ‘I want money to flow into my life and I want to feel at ease saving and spending equally’.
  • Consider the outcome and then let go. Then have your actions align with your intention.
  • Envisioning- Take 10 minutes (or more) to allow how this newly realized intention will affect your life. How does it make you FEEL. Are you calm? Energized? Giddy? Whatever it is, allow yourself to feel it in your body.

We are co-creators  in our lives. Experiences don’t just happen to us, they happen through us. So go co-create…..

Write yourself an email.

I write to myself twice a day, sometimes 3 – about love, money, my growing business. I ask the universe for the things that I want and also tell myself how all of my desires and wishes are manifesting as I type. It makes me feel better to get it out on ‘paper’- to get my thoughts out of me and into the universe where it does its thing before my request boomerangs back to me. I may request certain things in particular but that’s not always how they ultimately present themselves to me. I keep an open mind knowing that everything always works out for the best. Cliché, I know. Those wishes may not manifest in a clear cut and exact way but I like the not-knowing. How will the mystery unfold into my world? How will my life change? I keep my mind wide open and expansive and my faith in the universe infinite. I encourage you to do the same. Just try it for 30 days and see what happens.

I have been remiss!

I’m so sorry. I have neglected my bog is quite some time and I feel terrible. Not that there are so many of you out there counting on me, I’m counting on myself and I haven’t followed through.
But here I am. I can’t promise anything too exciting but here I am anyway.

Who here is always in soul searching mode? If you are like me, you may find it sometimes a blessing and a curse. For me, it’s a blessing because it helps me grow as a person. To grow, evolve, conquer my fears, expand my horizons, be a better person to myself and others- it’s all part of the process. It’s not easy as you may know but it’s inherently part of me. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember, journaling, reading ‘self-help’ books and mags, taking various programs to find the inner me, and looking in the metaphorical mirror. I can’t say I’m always happy about what I see; I am a work in progress as are we all. Sometimes I’d rather just put my rosy glasses on, bleach my hair blonde (no offense to all you deep blondes out there) and bounce through life; ignorance is bliss. But alas, this is me. I can’t help it and most of the time, I’m happy about my deep reflection (don’t get me wrong, I’m not all that serious, I do believe in having fun while I get serious). But then there are the cursed moments- my head exhausts and overwhelms me- there is just TOO much to do, too much to learn, and too many issues to fix. Not to mention too many world problems to face. I’m plumb tuckered out. I want to put my head in the sand and forget it all. And occasionally I do- sometimes my TV doesn’t get turned on for a few days, no papers are read, the phone barely rings. This is my downtime from my life.

I’m in transition. The past is done and the future is unknown. All I know is right now. Maybe that’s not transition but instead my present state of living. Letting go of all that control, control that is really non-existent, is liberating. The not knowing is always there, it’s just our choice to accept or fight it. It’s still there so why fight it? I’m accepting it.

So back to my self reflection. I accept that too as who I am. Why fight that either?